Global IT and Operational Strategy Consulting

Today’s leaders are confronted by vast quantities of data that require thoughtful analysis but accelerated decision making. They must successfully manage myriad challenges in often risky and dynamic competitive environments. It is a marriage between theory and practice focused on creating and executing the best possible strategy in the most effective, efficient and sustainable manner possible. We are passionate about that process and experienced in bridging the gap between leadership vision and disciplined execution.

Our clients are global, international and domestic companies across a variety of industries.

We have designed, implemented, advised or supported critical business and IT initiatives for organizations ranging in size from $5M to over $500M in annual sales.

Our continued success will be the result of our customers’ trust to help them define and deliver the initiatives that are critical to their competitiveness by being aware of the whole organization in everything we do, empowering individuals to excel, embracing technology and being relentless in our pursuit of efficient, effective and sustainable execution.


We transform vision into reality.

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IT Transformation

The days when IT waited for the business to announce the corporate strategy before drafting a strategy of its own have long been absent from the business practices of today’s most successful companies. Today, IT must be an enabling partner in a dynamic and fast changing business environment. IT must operate on the razor’s edge between support and innovation exercising great care to avoid “innovation drag,” a condition whereby innovation deprives the business of the resources critical to its continued success. It is a delicate and important balance but one that is essential to the growth, competitiveness and profitability of all organizations. We subscribe to this paradigm and help organizations create and foster this alignment. More importantly, we provide the necessary support and experience to sustain the alignment during critical, Business IT initiatives such as corporate wide system/application rollouts or replacements.

We transform vision into reality.

Business Transformation

Simply put, Business Transformation is an organization’s desire to improve some or all aspects of its business. It could be the result of an external or an internal catalyst. Regardless of the impetus, the organization is not operating where it wishes or where it should be operating. It could be that sales are growing but income is flat or decreasing. Or it could be that the employees are working tirelessly but its customers, external and internal, do not report any benefits from the additional effort. And in the cases of some of our smaller, entrepreneurial companies, the catalyst could be a founding member’s desire to reduce or alter their role in the business that they helped to create. At Align, we define business transformation as the design, implementation and execution of organizational wide, divisional or departmental business transformation projects. We focus primarily on operational projects (business improvement) or operational model projects (business reengineering). The difference seems indiscernible. However, when engaged in a business improvement project we are committed to helping our clients do what they do better. We partner in improving our clients’ “way of doing things.” In business reengineering, the approach is different. In those cases, we partner with our clients to challenge our clients’ “way of doing things.” The result is often a fundamentally different approach, an operational model that better meets the new realities of the organization. Our clients are organizations in various stages of the business life cycle with annual sales ranging from $5M to over $250M. Regardless of their size, our clients have one thing in common: they understand that there’s a gap between where they are operating and where they wish to be operating.

We transform vision into reality.

Primary Industries

Direct Selling

Our Direct Selling clients are domestic,international and global companies ranging in size from $50M to over $500M in annual sales and include both one-to-one and party plan companies.

We understand the uniqueness of the direct selling world and the technology necessary to support it.


Our Software clients are primarily independent software vendors (ISV) that target niche markets by addressing the specific software needs of those markets. They range in size from $5M to $50M in annual sales, sell software both domestically and internationally and generally offer both small business and enterprise level solutions.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services clients are generally entrepreneur owned and operated and range in size from $5M to over $100M in annual sales. Our projects vary in size and complexity and are almost exclusively Growth Management oriented.