The secret to our success

People Skills, Creativity, Rational Analysis, Open Mindedness, Technology, a passion for helping businesses get things done and the good fortune of doing multiple times a year what companies do with much less frequency.

Our services include IT strategy development, operational optimization, digital transformation, risk management, and change management.

Primary Industries

Direct Selling

Our Direct Selling clients are domestic,international and global companies ranging in size from $50M to over $500M in annual sales and include both one-to-one and party plan companies.

We understand the uniqueness of the direct selling world and the technology necessary to support it.


Our Software clients are primarily independent software vendors (ISV) that target niche markets by addressing the specific software needs of those markets. They range in size from $5M to $50M in annual sales, sell software both domestically and internationally and generally offer both small business and enterprise level solutions.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services clients are generally entrepreneur owned and operated and range in size from $5M to over $100M in annual sales. Our projects vary in size and complexity and are almost exclusively Growth Management oriented.